About me

My corporate background is in Industrial Automation.

A fancy term for control systems behind the scenes that make things work. Manufacturing facilities, etc.

Because of my background, I have been on the internet since it started.

I use my knowledge for creating additional income and retirement income.

Like a lot of people, I have spent a lot of money on courses, coaching, and seminars.

What I have found is.

Trying to do what you do not like to do never works. (Read that twice)

That may sound like (duh), but we never follow our own rules.

Every day in our email inbox we are sold more courses and programs that make it all sound so simple.

The truth is pick something that is appealing to you and honestly stick with it for 3 months before you look at anything else.

Whatever you select needs to be reputable.

Start off knowing what you do not like.

For example here is what I do not like.

- Selling Local Business marketing services.

- Anything with lots of customer service.

- Setting up systems for other people.

- Whinners. (Not really a business model)

I will be sending you more valuable information if you put in you email on the home page

P.S The most important advice I can give is do not stress out.


My full name is Roger Gottula and I live in Denver Colorado

I personally have not create and online business course to sell. Only the knowledge of courses what work for me.